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Probably the biggest sporting event held behind the iron curtain during the cold war in the former communist eastern bloc countries the Peace race was first staged in 1948 and was meant to galvanize the communist spirit and rival the wests 'Tour de France' in many ways it was a bigger event as factories and schools were encouraged to down tools and support the race as it trundelled through the towns and villages encompassing the cities of Prague,Warsaw and Berlin resulting in huge crowds and swathes of people lining the route. 
The Peace Race also known as 'Friedensfahrt' (German) 'Závod míru' (Czech) 'Preteky mieru' (Slovak) 'Wyścig Pokoju' (Polish) and 'Course de la Paix '(French) has now been consigned to the pages of history, 

Our T shirt celebrates this historic race in our updated graphic.


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